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Welcome to Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC, where our motto is "Wishing You Safe Travels." Located in Ventura, California, we are a mobile service dedicated to ensuring your RV adventures are as smooth and safe as possible. Our website offers a comprehensive view of our services and philosophy.

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Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC, is your trusted partner for all your RV inspection, maintenance, solar, and education needs.


At Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC, we offer a range of services to ensure your RV is in optimal condition.

Our mission is to ensure your safety and peace of mind while you create lifelong memories on the road.

Inspection Services

We offer a range of inspection services including Premier and Essential Inspections, Solar Inspections, and Fluid Analysis. Our detailed inspection points ensure your RV’s safety and efficiency on the road.

Solar Services

We specialize in custom solar design and installation, providing energy-efficient solutions for your RV.

Maintenance Services

We offer water heater cleaning and repairs, air conditioning unit maintenance, soft start installation, sanitation of the freshwater system, and winterization/de-winterization services

Owner Education

Let us guide you with owner walkthroughs, suggested maintenance schedules, and first-timer setups at campsites.

Inspection Services

Safe Travels RV Services offer inspections for new or used RVs from small trailers to class A motor coaches and everything in between. Our inspection process involves detailed visual observations or instrument-based measurements of every aspect of your RV. This provides our customers with a complete report of the current condition of the vehicle. Inspections provide the client peace of mind and valuable information to support a difficult decision-making process. The inspection can identify potential issues before they become a major expense and provide awareness of any issues before purchase ensuring the best possible decision. All inspections include safety tests and examination of the electrical systems, propane system, safety devices (CO/smoke / LP detectors), fire extinguisher, emergency exit, and tires.
A sample inspection report is available for viewing upon request.

To ensure a thorough inspection, your RV will need to be connected to utilities (fresh water, electricity, and sewer), and parked on a stable and level surface during the inspection process. We also require the refrigerator to be on for at least 12 hours before inspection to obtain accurate temperature readings. Additionally, access to all doors, drawers, and storage compartments is needed. Only the purchaser of the inspection contract will receive the electronically delivered Adobe Acrobat (PDF) final report. We do not provide copies of any inspection report to any third party for any reason.

Inspection Plans

We offer a range of inspection services including Premier and Essential Inspections, Solar Inspections, and Fluid Analysis. Our detailed inspection points ensure your RV’s safety and efficiency on the road.

Premier Inspection

Comprehensive RV Assessment

Essential Inspection

RV Essentials Overview


Solar System Evaluation

RV Fluid

Fluid Health Check
Solar Services

Solar: Energy-Efficient Solutions for Your RV

We are pleased to offer a full service solar program. Bill’s training from NVRTA on solar installation and previous experience in RV and marine solar designs ensures you will have the optimal solar system for you needs. The cost of these systems can be a challenge so it is imperative we understand your specific application.

We will start the process with an analysis which includes your solar desires and personal preferences (i.e. are you planning full-time boondocking or just need to keep the fridge cold while driving down the road, what climates do you plan to visit, do you plan to use AC overnight or just fans). We will assess your current power situation with an energy audit.

We will also evaluate any space or payload constraints and, of course, your budget. In the next step, we will create a design to fit your needs and budget. At this point, we are now ready to install the solar system at your location. Installations can take up to a week to complete and require access to electrical utilities so some coordination will be necessary.

We understand that some folks are very handy and are capable of performing the installation themselves. That is awesome and if that is you, we will provide a complete list of parts, schematics and consultation to support your installation. When complete, we can schedule an inspection of your installation, run a load test and commission your solar system. Please be aware that the client must use the parts and procedures of the provided design with only pre-approved changes in order to validate the warranty (parts per manufactures documents and 1 year on the design when used within the scope of the analysis).

Give us a call to discuss your solar system needs. We are looking forward to helping you upgrade your RV

Need a service or repair?

We provide service during normal work hours and offer emergency or after-hours assistance.

Our service calls are priced reasonably, with detailed information on normal and emergency hours, including mileage rates.

Our service area includes Southern California, encompassing Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. For specific locations, please use our locator on NRVIA/RVTAA.

Driving an RV or pulling a trailer is similar to your home being in a magnitude 5.0 earthquake while on the road! Things can and do break in a RV and I may be able to help you. The majority of problems in an RV are electrical, I am a retired Electrical Engineer with solid diagnostic skills and 40 years of experience. Give me a call and let me know what is concerning you. If I can’t help you, I may know someone who can.

  • Normal Work Hours: minimum charge ($120) + mileage ($2/mile) outside 10 mile radius of current location
  • Emergency or afterhours: afterhours minimum charge ($240) + mileage ($2/mile) outside 10 mile radius of current location
Maintenance Services

Maintain Your RV for Safety and Longevity

Proper maintenance is crucial for both your safety and to maximize the lifespan of your RV. Our comprehensive services ensure every part of your RV is in top condition:

Water Heater Maintenance:
  • De-scaling & Anode Replacement: Essential yearly service. Cost: $120 (+ additional for anode replacement if necessary).

Air Conditioning Unit:
  • Cleaning & Safety Check: Annual service for optimal cooling and longevity. Cost: $150 (includes interior filter cleaning/replacement).
  • SoftStart Installation: Reduces wear on your compressor and allows usage on lower amperage services. Cost: $400 (includes cleaning & safety check).

Freshwater System Sanitization:
  • Keep your holding tank and plumbing clean. Add-on Service: $50.

Absorption Refrigerator Maintenance:
  • Cleaning & Safety Check: Ensure proper airflow and safety. Cost: $100.

Winterization and De-Winterization Services:
  • Protect your RV in freezing temperatures. Winterize: $150 (includes 2 gallons of anti-freeze).
  • De-Winterize: Add-on Service $50.

Annual Electrical System Checkup:
  • Prevent common electrical issues with our thorough evaluation. Cost: $120.

Custom Maintenance Plans and Owner Education
  • Schedule an annual maintenance plan tailored to your needs.
  • We also offer owner education/training for DIY maintenance.

Talk to us today about scheduling your RV maintenance and ensuring its best performance for years to come.

Empowering Your RV Journey

Owner Education

Expert Guidance and Training for RV Owners

Owner education is one of our missions at Safe Travels RV Services. The more you know about how your RV systems work and how to keep them working, the more time you can spend safely enjoying your RV and making memories! Are you new to the RV world and looking for help with that first trip? We can assist you with a new owner walkthrough of your recent purchase and/or meet you at the campground for setup. Do you want to understand how your RV systems work and how they are maintained? We can provide you with a maintenance schedule, product suggestions, and basic training on routine maintenance. Call us to schedule an owner-education program for you.

Why choose us?

At Safe Travels RV Services, our primary mission is to prioritize your safety and ensure you make the most of your RV adventures by providing accurate inspection reports and custom solar designs.

Our values revolve around exceeding customer expectations, timely reports, and customer education. We encourage questions to enhance your understanding of your RV, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

What sets us apart:

75+ Years of Combined Experience

Bill’s extensive engineering experience and Lisa’s educational background combine to provide a unique, customer-focused approach to RV servicing.

Educating our clients is a key part of our service. We strive to empower you with the knowledge to enjoy your RV to the fullest.

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Bill's 40+ years of electrical engineering experience

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Lisa's 25+ years in the education field

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Daisy in dog years...Expert in Tail Wagging

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Miles of Smiles and Counting

Meet The Team

Bill Meyer

Certified RV Inspector | Co-Owner

Lisa Edwards

Co-Owner | Manager


Video Star | Content Creator | Burglar Alarm


Infaranspection Institute Logo

Level 1 Thermographer Certified by Infraspection Institute

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Certified RV Inspector Badge

Our RV Lifestyle

thermal image of Daisy

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we have always cherished our time camping and exploring the great outdoors since childhood. Over the years, our appreciation for a more comfortable outdoor lifestyle has grown, and an RV perfectly meets our needs for comfort! Some might call it glamping – like camping but with plumbing and electricity – but we prefer to think of it as motorized camping. One of the best aspects of RV travel, in our opinion, is the convenience of having a bathroom on the road, eliminating the need to search for rest stops. All that’s needed is a safe parking spot!

We understand how frustrating it can be to encounter problems while traveling – water leaks, refrigerator issues, and more. That’s why our mission is to keep you safely on the road by sharing our knowledge about RV maintenance. When problems do arise, we’re here to assist in finding and fixing those issues that might hinder your RV experience.

Sample Scenerios

These are some example scenarios for our Services including RV inspection, walkthroughs, and emergency repair. 

The Johnson Family

RV Model: 2018 Forest River Sunseeker

Background: The Johnson family planned to embark on a cross-country trip in their RV, which had been mostly stationary for over a year. They sought a comprehensive inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of their vehicle for the journey.

Action: We conducted a Premier Inspection, meticulously examining over 100 different points on the RV. The inspection focused on identifying any potential issues that could affect the safety and functionality of the RV during an extended trip.

Outcome: The inspection identified a few areas needing attention, including a minor water heater issue and tire pressure adjustments. The family was provided with a detailed report and professional recommendations for addressing these issues. They were also guided on how to find a qualified service provider to perform the necessary repairs, ensuring their RV was in top condition for their trip.

Emily and Mark

RV Model: 2021 Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Background: Emily and Mark were new to the RV lifestyle. They purchased a Winnebago Minnie Winnie and sought a comprehensive orientation to understand their RV’s features and maintenance requirements.

Action: A detailed owner walkthrough was conducted by Safe Travels RV Services. This included a demonstration of all RV systems such as the electrical system, plumbing, heating, and cooling. The team also provided tips on basic RV maintenance and best practices for setting up at campsites.

Outcome: Emily and Mark gained confidence in using their RV. They appreciated the personalized attention and felt well-prepared for their first adventure, equipped with the knowledge to handle basic maintenance and operations.

Derek and Sarah

RV Model: 2015 Thor Ace

Background: While on a road trip, Derek and Sarah experienced a sudden failure of their RV’s air conditioning unit during a heatwave.

Action: Recognizing the urgency, Safe Travels RV Services responded swiftly to their service call. The team diagnosed a faulty capacitor and performed an on-site repair, replacing the capacitor and conducting a system check to ensure everything was functioning correctly.

Outcome: The repair was completed efficiently, allowing Derek and Sarah to continue their journey with minimal disruption. They were extremely grateful for the quick response and professional service that saved their vacation from turning into a discomforting experience.


What they say about us

Barbara Behrens-St. Marie
Barbara Behrens-St. Marie
Came out in a reasonable time, did the work, Price was reasonable, would highly recommend!
Wesley Styron
Wesley Styron
I reached out to get a used Rv inspected a little premature and was very patient with me during the process. Services were upfront and very detailed on what they provide (no hidden fees). The communication was very prompt even around a big time difference. I would recommend this company to anyone in the market for used Rv!
Ed McCain
Ed McCain
Safe Travels RV Services provided excellent service by troubleshooting a faulty neutral to ground issue I had with Renogy equipment on my marine application. Ultimately, we replaced the Renogy equipment with Victron products. Bill again assisted by programming my Victron inverter/charger to match my battery chemistry and power needs, plus provided many valuable recommendations for this installation, including going from lead acid AGM batteries to a Lithium Iron Phosphate house battery bank. Total game changer! We now have a solid, tested system ready for the next stage - solar and dc to dc charging. Thanks Bill and Safe Travels!

We are now accredited with our local Better Business Bureau!

Safe Travels RV Services Co. BBB Business Review
Common Questions

Ask Us Anything

A Certified RV Inspector offers a comprehensive assessment of recreational vehicles (RVs), including detailed checks of the RV's systems, structures, appliances, and overall condition to ensure safety and functionality.

We offer a range of inspection services including Premier Inspection, Essential Inspection, Solar Inspection, and Fluid Analysis. Each service is designed to address different aspects of your RV's condition and safety.

You can schedule a service or consultation by contacting us via email at, calling us at 805-671-5663, or through our website's contact form.

Absolutely! We specialize in custom solar design and installation for RVs. We can assist you in harnessing solar energy efficiently, whether you require a full custom installation or just a consultation for a system installed by the owner.

Our home base is in Southern California, including Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. However, we are a mobile service and can travel to clients as needed.

Ensure your RV is clean and accessible, with personal belongings removed from areas that need inspection. All systems should be operable and the RV should be connected to power and water if possible.

We specialize in thermal imaging for electrical panels and solar installations, as well as custom solar design and installation.

Inspections are designed to identify current issues. While inspectors can point out areas that may require future attention, they cannot predict all potential future problems.

Our team's unique blend of expertise in electrical engineering, thermal imaging technology, education, and customer service sets us apart. We bring over 65 years of combined experience to ensure the highest quality of service.

Yes, we are excited to introduce a Generator Service and Level I Thermographic Inspector Certification in Spring 2024.

We Offer Peace of Mind with Superior Service

Safe Travels RV Services is first and foremost about keeping you and your family safe in your home on the road while making lifelong memories.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? The RV industry contributes significantly to the economy. In the United States alone, it supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in economic output.

Did You Know? NASA has used RVs for various purposes, including as mobile quarantine units for astronauts returning from the Apollo moon missions. This unique application shows the versatility and reliability of RVs even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Did You Know? Modern RVs are increasingly incorporating green technologies, such as solar panels and energy-efficient appliances, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainability in the RV industry.

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